One comment on “The Issue with Polygamy

  1. It is true that the polygamy is practiced by many religions. Am really happy that You mentioned this 🙂
    And yes, Islam gave the possibility to marry more than one wife for many reasons (such as avoiding relationships, adultery, “babies outside marriage” …etc)

    Although that it’s allowed , it is restricted or limited , saying ” wa lan ta’diloo : means you shall not be fair. Allah is the one who created us & He knows how men are. And that’s why some laws are against polygamy just based on this. In fact, laws banning polygamy are not wrong. (The women before were in oppression). In practise it seems not feasible seeing that human nature tends to privilege one the other of the two parties.
    Islam adapts itself to different circumstances & times .Remember it came to Arabs who were in astray so wasn’t that easy to make them “correct”. Then, do you really think that men now can have more than one wife & like 5 kids?…Before they were able to do it as kids had not the same needs …Economically it’s not possible !

    Thinking about unmarried girls, and women’s number exceeds men’s …Mathematically If 1 man has 3 wives, so 2 of unmarried girls can have the “opportunity to be wives” . Practically, girls number will always exceed the boys’ , as sign of the latter days!! No matter how polygamy is practised, the issue will not be solved! So imagine the number of children we’re going to have… How many women we going to have? Again we will have the same problem & maybe bigger. Simply it’s going to be vicious circle.
    Women build nations; they should be oriented in better way than sinking into marital altercations. They should focus on developing their own skills, help family n themselves above all. Workers or housewives, they should have open horizons and that is achievable only if they are emotionally secure and comfortable.

    In Muslim communities unmarried woman is not a public propriety!!!!! (I didn’t know if you just meant the western society)…This is so shallow!!! Hilarious, even! Women are their own property! It is never about being in relationships just because one didn’t get married! Twisting the topic towards the emotional and personal life of single women is not the right question to raise here!
    Am not against what Islam says but i see that Allah limited it & gave the choice to the first wife to accept or not. In my opinion I don’t think Islam comes in a box and you should apply it away of its own context.
    We shall think of the harmony within our time and life. I think opening this topic in a Muslim society that has many others problems to focus on is not a big deal. This topic has been raised recently in my country, while we have terrorism, economical, political and social instability… Muslims now are not ready for the polygamy.

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