2 comments on “The Battle for Feminism

  1. Thank you Alia for this insightful article. I would recommend you read the book ‘Feminism’ by Sally J.Scholz who gives a brief explanation on the emergence of Feminism as a school of thought and its development from its inception until today. In my perspective, after a long discussion with people about this matter, feminism now deals with a different kind of freedom which was not prevalent before. Many proponents of feminism now advocate the notion of a woman’s freedom over her own body. They allege that it doesn’t necessarily mean choosing their sexual persuasion (e.g. lesbian or bisexual) but just the idea that you can enjoy the freedom of your own body and deal with it however you please, in order to be accepted by the society, and not just by males, but to let everyone accept you for whatever you are.
    This side of feminism made a pact with secularism and atheism in that they have unified their forces to assassinate Islam as a conservative ideology which doesn’t recognise this freedom which is central to their worldview. Islam proclaims that these views are against human nature. In all the debates they engage in with Islamist scholars, they focus on the same usual point which in reality doesn’t really affect the feminist worldview but attempts to gain power over Muslim women.
    Therefore, it’s not about whether Islam curtails the role of females in society but how much dignity and honour it has provided to her since day one, a religion which conforms to her intrinsic nature.
    Yet some Islamic states and misogynistic Muslim Men misused their powers over women creating a reality which can be described as the dark age of Islam and this has cost humanity a LOT! Today, an enormous responsibility rests on the back of the Muslim world to change its wrong perception and respond to the call of heaven, the call of Promised Messiah (AS) who renewed the true Islam and as Ahmadi women, we should all fight for the rights of the millions of Muslim women who are under the persecution of erroneous and outdated misconceptions of these dark ages.
    {وَإِذَا الْمَوْءُودَةُ سُئِلَتْ (9) بِأَيِّ ذَنْبٍ قُتِلَتْ (10)} (التكوير 9-10)
    {And when the girl-child buried alive is questioned about, (9) ‘For what crime was she killed?’ (10)} (Al-Takwir 9-10)
    These 2 verses, as Muleh Mawood (RA) had explained in his commentary, constitute a prophecy in the latter days when women will have her rights denied and they will fight for them. The level of her persecution is considered equivalent to being buried alive.
    Sorry for talking too much, I hope that I delivered my thoughts clearly 🙂
    All the best

    • Never apologise! Love a good discussion and yep as I said in my post the modern feminist battle is that of liberation of women. Whilst I’m all for that, I hate the fact that it’s being abused and used as an excuse to dress and dance in a way that can only lead to cringe. The battle for feminism is depicted of two fields — the Emma Watsons and the Miley Cyrus (liberation of being a confident intelligent woman v being allowed to wear and do anything beyond that which women would actually want lol). I agree with your point on Islam to an extent. I don’t believe to be an outright attack on Islam tho I know some “feminists” again fall under that category. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that Islam promotes self-expression and offers 0 compulsion in any of its commandments however what Islam does offer is advice on how to maintain both integrity, modesty and self expression vis a vis purdah. What our job is is to show the world this wonderful blessing that is offered to us sublimely so. If the west only truly understood the freedoms we enjoy eh? 😏 thank you for your opinions and do check out the post I linked in with this one!

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